Innovative Solution for Advancing Employee Engagement

Effective coaching transcends traditional management by fostering a culture of accountability and proactivity. When leaders harness the power of coaching, they not only enhance team performance but also inspire their members to exceed their usual limits.

The term “coaching” has varied meanings in different contexts, yet at its core, it represents a transformative force. For us, the greatest impact of coaching is realized when managers and leaders employ it to foster development within their teams. By integrating coaching skills into their leadership, they catalyze growth not only in individuals but across entire organizations. This integration of coaching transforms everyday interactions into opportunities for significant and lasting change, promoting a higher level of engagement and achievement throughout the organization.

Transform Problem Solving to Employee Development

Turning everyday problem-solving into developmental opportunities deepens employee commitment and engagement while enhancing managerial leadership. A developmental coaching approach builds trust and fosters collaboration by focusing on the employee’s growth, rather than just giving advice or directives.
Prioritizing development in problem-solving and goal attainment shows that human development and business results go hand in hand. Research supports this, highlighting that developmental coaching is essential for modern leadership. It lies at the core of employee engagement and defines a true learning organization.


Why Manager As Coach?

Manager quality is one of the primary drivers of retention and engagement. Skilled coaching accelerates results, drives accountability and further engages others in ways that leverage discretionary effort.

Managerial Developmental Coaching enables others to:
Develop their own skills
Unleash their own talent
Solve problems independently
Take on new challenges
Feel encouraged and supported in their careers

Manager As Coach is a Leadership & Manager Development Program that  gives managers a practical, hands-on coaching method that enables transformation of routine problem solving into employee development.

Our Developmental Coaching Model is designed to enhance employee engagement, emotional intelligence, and influencing skills. It effectively reduces resistance and applies not only to managerial coaching but also to everyday interactions and operations. This holistic approach empowers individuals across all levels of your organization to achieve their greater potential.

Advancing.Sg & Koss Associates

We are proud to offer this transformative leadership development workshop as the representative of Koss Associates’ Manager As Coach program in Asia. The program is designed by Lisa Koss, founder of Koss Associates, and supported by a distinguished international faculty available to deliver the program. Lisa is a Professional Certified Coach since 2007. She excels in helping global leaders leverage diverse, multicultural teams.

This intensive two-day workshop, limited to 16 participants, emphasizes practical coaching methods to enhance leadership skills and drive organizational growth. 

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