Effective Process Facilitation for Managers & Leaders

Event Date:

December 31, 2023

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9:00 am

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Common Ground

As the world becomes increasingly diverse and unpredictable, the need to tackle complex problems and achieve team alignment has grown more urgent for managers, leaders, and project teams at all levels. Process Facilitation provides a framework for managing collaborative efforts such as projects or meetings. It enables leaders to guide and engage their teams through an interactive process that fosters the exchange of ideas and collective agreement in a safe environment.

Process facilitation is relevant in a variety of contexts, allowing for tapping into the knowledge, creativity, and experience of those in the room. It can facilitate innovation, alignment and buy-in, accelerate decision-making, and enable change.

Developing the skills for effective process facilitation empowers you to create an environment where everyone feels respected, heard, and valued. Whether applied to strategic planning, project kick-off meetings, focus groups, staff engagement sessions, technical or innovative problem-solving, or design thinking, this approach enables successful collaboration.

By the end of this three-day course, you will have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to apply process facilitation effectively in various contexts, promoting collaboration, alignment, and buy-in. You will be equipped with the tools and techniques to create a safe environment where all participants feel respected, heard, and valued, and where innovation and problem-solving can thrive.

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  • Common Ground
  • 21 Bedok North Street 1, #02-01, Common Ground
  • Singapore

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  • December 31, 2023 9:00 am
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