Breakthrough Boundaries: Empowering Managers in Times of Change (Half Day)

Event Date:

December 31, 2024

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9:00 am

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The Common Ground

This is a Half-day Experiential, Hands-On Learning workshop.

Middle managers often find themselves in a unique position during organizational change, because when responsibilities and work processes shift, reporting lines, team dynamics, and boundaries shift. Middle managers may find themselves unsure about their exact role, and experience uncertainty and ambiguity which in turn causes confusion or hinders their ability to communicate and lead effectively, thus making it challenging to navigate the changing landscape.

Navigating and redrawing boundaries becomes essential for middle managers in times of change because it helps middle managers clarify their roles, responsibilities, and objectives in the new organizational context. This clarity enables them to lead their teams more effectively and contribute to the overall change effort. When boundaries are clear, managers can be more effective in their communication and collaboration. When managers are involved in boundary negotiation, they feel a sense of ownership over the change process. Such empowerment fosters adaptability and resilience and leads to increased engagement and commitment to drive positive outcomes.

Navigating and redrawing boundaries suggest that there needs to be a breakthrough in traditional boundaries hence the title Breakthrough Boundaries; Empowering Middle Managers in Times of Change. By breaking through traditional boundaries, middle managers gain the confidence to initiate crucial conversations, foster collaboration, and set healthy boundaries. This empowers middle managers to rise above challenges, drive positive change, and lead their teams through transformation, ultimately enabling them to thrive amidst complexity and uncertainty.

Key Objectives

Δ Change & Awareness: Understand the nature and impact of organizational change on middle managers.
Δ Boundary Awareness: Understand the concept of boundaries and evelop an awareness of the importance of boundaries in navigating change and recognizing the challenges associated with blurred boundaries.
Δ Boundary Negotiation: Identify personal boundaries to facilitate the initiation of crucial conversations with other managers.


Δ Awareness of change reactions.
Δ Dynamic experience in negotiating horizontal boundaries.
Δ A deeper understanding of the challenges and impact of change and blurred boundaries in one’s role.
Δ Boundary Mapping to navigate boundaries for smoother collaboration during change.


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  • The Common Ground
  • Singapore

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  • December 31, 2024 9:00 am
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